insurance policy by country

insurance policy by country Spain 

In this country, the insurance of automobiles has a body that regulates it called real legislative decree, by the same is the one that gives validation to the law on civil liability and insurance policy by country in the circulation of all types of motor vehicles.


insurance policy by country Argentina 

In what is the market of Argentina consists of 4 types of policies which are agglomerated by category to have a good organization and control these are Coverage A, Coverage B, Coverage C and Coverage D. Coverage A is that which refers to a civil liability so it is mandatory every citizen with a vehicle to have it. This is known as insurance against third parties, this coverage responds for damages and damages that the owner of the vehicle may cause.


In Argentina the coverage with the highest level is to say that the one that covers the most is Coverage D, which covers all risks that the owner may cause. This is recommended to use people who have a vehicle that has 0km that is to say it is new. At least Between a period of three or four years.

insurance policy by country Mexico

Mexico has a law in some states that decrees that the use of auto insurance is mandatory for civilians. Specifically there are 15 states which have this rule. Mexico also has a law on roads, bridges and Federal Motor Carrier, which rules that vehicles from 2008 onwards must have insurance that allows them to travel on federal highways without any inconvenience with regulatory bodies.


In case the driver does not have insurance, he will have to pay an infraction of 1400 to 1800 Mexican pesos.

insurance policy by country Chile 

Auto insurance in this country is required to be prepared for accidents. This insurance assigns coverage before an accident is missing (Death) and injuries that are associated with an accident with the vehicle that is insured. This requirement to have an insurance policy is called in Law N 18.490, which was created by the Superintendency of Securities and Insurance.

The amounts that will be provided to the insured for passing a tragedy with the insured vehicle are:

– In the event of death, 300 UF for each person in the insured vehicle

– Permanent lessons will give you 300 UF for each person.

– Disability that is permanent partial type will give you an amount of 200 UF per person.

– Cover expenses with respect to hospital up to an amount of 300 UF


insurance policy by country Dominican Republic


This country has a modality which is basic that its contracting is obligatory for every person who owns a vehicle and is driving it on public roads.


This modality has a regulation which is quite detailed in Law 146-02. This law decrees that the compulsory insurance covers injuries that are the result of an accident and to third parties, it also includes a judicial defense in case it is needed.

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