i car insurance

Types of i car insurance

Every day the needs of drivers with regard to i car insurance are not the same. For this reason, insurers offer their clients a variety of types of insurance so that each person feels identified with the one that is economically accessible and the one that fits their needs

i car insurance regulations


The insurance regulations in each country are different so you have to study it in order to claim and obtain the service which is appropriate for the insurance we acquire. If we do not know these regulations, we may be in need of knowing ourselves due to the lack of knowledge of it.


Insurance is regulated in each country by different agencies which requires compliance with each of its clauses and agreements. To take care of the citizens of scams and defaults which affect them economically.


In each country the inscription lines have different names according to their coverage so you have to know each plan that coverage includes and in which cases it includes it in order to be careful not to receive compensation for any fault.


The clover law


This car insurance is characterized by being flexible with respect to the old years, which has a basic coverage to the damage caused to the vehicle.


Econo Trebol


It is insurance that is available for vehicles that are up to fifteen years old, and offers compensation to its customers greater than the clover law.

Classic clover

This insurance covers all the risk and avarage to vehicles with 15 years old, which is similar to the insurance that is on the market today.

Clover plus

It is an insurance that covers in full all the risk to the vehicles that have 10 seniority, which competes in the market for its great scope of coverage and lso services that it carries with it.

Clover plus more

This insurance covers all the risk that your vehicle could suffer up to 10 years old, and this one charges a lower deductible to your customers and gives you to choose an unlimited auto car quotes.

Clover zero

It is an insurance that covers all the risk and also covers the deductible in its entirety, and only covers vehicles that are 2 years old in emissions of fifteen years in what can be renewed.


The clover woman

This is an insurance which is especially for women, which is characterized by having coverage which are analyzed to offer women benefits that are not found in conventional insurance.

Insurance conclusion

Insurance is something that is very necessary nowadays, no matter if you are a professional in car driving since anyone can crash for something unforeseen or crash without being able to react and avoid it.

The insurances are not completely segmented to the poor public, but they have lines which Susana the most expensive insurance prices that exist in the market.

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