Health Insurance

This Health Insurance is fundamental to protect against the high medical cost. Health insurance is an agreement through a contract between the insured and the insurer where the person buys a membership that aims for the company to cover a percentage of the medical expenses.


Most people have insurance from employers. Employers help pay the health insurance fee depending on the company the amount they attribute to the quotas is more or less. These insurance can also be purchased independently for health care.


These health insurance not only meet the medical expenses themselves, they also cover part of the expenses of some medicines depending on the establishment where they purchase it.

The benefits of health insurance:


1- Insurance provided 2 essential types of coverage. The first coverage has access to general medicine, pediatrics, childcare, nursing, and emergency at home and ambulance. The second coverage is the assistance of specialists, copper also diagnoses, therapy and surgeries.

2- The choice of the professional and hospital you want.

3- The possibility of acquiring additional modules and guarantees.

4- You have the privilege of having access to high value services at reduced prices.

5- Policies that are more prestigious have telephones which use it for telephone consultation regarding treatments and ailments.


Disadvantages of health insurance


– private insurance expires once the contracting party reaches 64 years, although they can be extended with an extra payment.

– Insurance cadence after 64 years.

-The diseases that are chronic private insurance do not cover it because of the high price.

-The insurances do not cover some diseases that arise in a short time of aver acquired the insurance.


Types of health insurance


There are two types of insurance which are:


Public health insurance: This is an insurance offered by the government whose main objective is to promote health care for those poor people who do not have money to pay for private insurance and who are not doing any work for what they cannot. Acquire the insurance granted by a company.

Private health insurance: This insurance has to pay fees whether you pay it individually or if you work. This insurance is characterized by coverage in private hospitals which is faster to receive assistance. Hospitals are very careful with the time they last to care for a patient, since this is what most differentiates a clinic from a private hospital.


After seeing the benefits granted by having health insurance you will have greater clarity when choosing a medical policy. You should never forget the security offered by having insurance and more if the company in which you are affiliated is solid and of total confidence.


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