Automobile Insurance Quotes

The insurance of a vehicle is very important because it not only protects an object, but actually
Car insurance protects you in many ways.


Having a i seguro de automóvil does not require the government as mandatory as such, but it is something necessary that every person should carry no matter the social class.

No matter how skilled you are driving and the caution you take when doing it, you never have the certainty that someone will shock you or that you unexpectedly hit someone else so it is always better to have your insurance so they can Cover all your expenses.

A safe is your best help at the time of having an accident and unforeseen in your car, from a simple situation (a small dent or a broken glass) to the point of being something more recorded (The car completely destroyed). This inscription is the effective one that not only takes care of the material, but takes care of every person that is in the vehicle at the time of an accident

insurance auto auction

This is an auction mode as its name says it auctions auto insurance in which the insurance covers 100% the vehicle of the person who wins the auction and acquires the insurance.

These people who participate in this activity are people with luxury cars which no insurer can otherwise insure because these cars each piece are very expensive and very difficult to find. So the people with these cars pay a lot of money in the auction to win this great prize.

Insurance is for all vehicles

Insurance is an act for all types of vehicles, from a simple engine to an airplane. Because everything has the possibility of being damaged at the time of driving or even worse can have a crash where the person who is as a driver suffer lessons.

Vehicle insurance applies to engines, rails, all types of trucks, all types of boats, yachts, and planes.

Not all insurance companies are equal so you must be very careful when choosing your insurer as this will be the one that assured you and your beloved vehicle. Many take as part of their slogan say they have quality insurance, but that only prove it when you see the amount of money they cover and the effective when it comes to fixing your vehicle and the comfort they provide you at the time of giving your vehicle that fix it with comfort I mean what vehicle you get while they fix yours.

The advantages of having car insurance

1- They provide you with an emergency station available 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year.
2- They have exclusive workshops to fix your vehicle
3- You can be aware of the repair of your vehicle via internet
4- They have a network of lawyers who are at your disposal for some legal assistance of your vehicle.

Disadvantage i seguro de automóvil

The insurance payment for months or even years without using the services provided by the company.
We have to read and study the clauses and articles that are very specific with the subject that can cover us and in which cases not.

3 occasions in which car insurance does not cover

– Accident with a relative: Sometimes insurers are not responsible for any collisions they have with a family member for the simple reason that they may think that it is part of a premeditated fraud. Even with a neighbor this can happen as they have doubts in these situations.

– Shock under the effects of alcohol or drugs:In a crash if the person who has the i car insurance is the culprit of the accident and is under the effect of alcohol or drugs, the insurer takes away the right to compensation.

– Do not exercise the duty of help: It is part of a law to comply with the protocol. What is the person has to protect, warn, and help? If you take this law, the comp any is fully entitled not to pay the damages

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